Dr. Tito Tettamanti, Founder & Honorary President

Dr. Tito Tettamanti has had a career that has spanned the legal, public sector, and financial professions. Recognised as an entrepreneur, financier, lawyer and author, he has worked, taught and published works on subjects that include the legal system, public policy and investments.

After a short time in politics, in 1960 Dr. Tettamanti started the fiduciary company Fidinam specialising in worldwide tax advising and real estate consulting. He was very active in the ’70s in real estate development mainly in North America, and in financing in the ’80s mainly in New York, and as an industrialist chairing and controlling a worldwide leading textile machines company in the ’90s. Later, he made investments in China-based projects in the area of infrastructure and construction.

In 1999, he commenced strategic block investing in companies listed on the European Stock Exchanges as well as in distressed securities in the USA. Until 2012, he was the Chairman of the Board of Directors and controlling shareholder of Sterling Strategic Value Limited. He today serves as Honorary Chairman.

Furthermore, he is currently Honorary Chairman of the Civil Society Association and often participates in conferences, public debates, and publishes contributions to daily newspapers and magazines.

Dr. Tito Tettamanti is also Governor and Vice Chairman of European Policy Forum, London. For many years he has also been a member of the Board of Schweizer Monatshefte (now SchweizerMonat) as well as of IBL – Istituto Bruno Leoni, an Italian Think-Tank. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees of Avenir Suisse – the largest Swiss Think-Tank.

He is the author of three books – ” Welches Europa”, “Manifest fur eine liberale Gesellschaft” and “Die sieben Sunden des Kapitals”.